Steering GroupInternational Advisory CommitteeConsultants

Dr Bronwen Thomas
PI, Associate Professor, Faculty of Media and Communication, Bournemouth University.
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Dr Julia Round
Co-I, Principal Lecturer in Communication, Bournemouth University.
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Dr Daniel Allington
Lecturer in Digital Media, University of Leicester.
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Dr Danielle Fuller
Reader in Canadian Studies and Cultures of Reading, University of Birmingham.
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Beyond the Book project

Dr Anouk Lang
Lecturer in Digital Humanities, University of Edinburgh.
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Dr Simon R. Frost
Senior Lecturer in English, University of Bournemouth.
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Dr Katie Halsey
Senior Lecturer in English Studies, University of Stirling.
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Dr Sue Thomas
Independent Scholar.
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Dr Alice Bell
Reader in English Language and Literature, Sheffield Hallam University.
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Dr David Peplow
Senior Lecturer in English Language, Sheffield Hallam University.
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Dr Sara Whiteley
Lecturer in English, University of Sheffield.
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Dr Matt Hayler
Lecturer in Post-1945 Literature, University of Birmingham.
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Dr Natasha Whiteman
Lecturer in Media and Communication, University of Leicester.
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Dr Dan Berry
Senior Lecturer, Visual Communication, Glyndŵr University.
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Dr DeNel Rehberg Sedo
Associate Professor, Mount St Vincent University, Nova Scotia.
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Beyond the Book

Dr Andrew Salway
Senior Research Scientist and Group Leader, Computational Language Unit, Uni Computing, Uni Research, University of Bergen, Norway.
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Professor Jin Feng
Department of Chinese and Japanese, Grinnell College, Iowa, United States.
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Professor Torsten Petterson
Department of Literature, Uppsala University, Sweden. Director of Reading Fiction – Understanding Reality, The Function of Literature in the Personal Development and Value Formation of Young Adults, sponsored by the Swedish Research Council, 2011-14.
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Dr Anne Mangen
Associate Professor, The National Centre for Reading Education and Research, Stavanger, Norway.
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Through public engagement activities and building on previous research, the network draws on the expertise and knowledge of a wide range of stakeholders, including online and real world book club members, forum moderators, teachers, students, librarians, writers and publishers.  We also encourage participation from early career researchers.

Our consultants include:

Barbara Fister
Professor, Gustavus Adolphus College Library, USA
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Daniel Goodbrey
Senior Lecturer in Narrative and Interaction Design, University of Hertfordshire.
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Dr Tim Hutchings
Post-doc, Stockholm University
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Marianne Martens
Assistant Professor in the School of Library and Information Science, Kent State University.
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Jim Pope
Principal Lecturer, Bournemouth University
Chair, New Media Writing Prize
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Ernesto Priego
Lecturer in Library Science, City University
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Simon Rowberry
Lecturer in Digital Media and Publishing, University of Stirling.
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Joachim Vlieghe
Post-doctoral Research Assistant, Vrije Universiteit Brussel.
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Geert Vandermeersche
Phd student, Ghent University
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Beth Williamson
Visiting Lecturer at the University of the Arts, London.
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