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Digital Networks and Reading

I’m delighted to be invited to participate in this project from afar – a small town in Minnesota, USA, to be all geocoordinated about it. I’m just starting a year-long project to explore digital reading networks, so this site feels

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The act of reading

One of the topics of this blog is ‘the act of reading in a digital age’. I would like to discuss that in a very literal way by asking where and how do you like to read? When people argue about

Big data and the study of reading

By Daniel Allington and Andrew Salway We’re really looking forward to running the workshop on big data and digital reading on 6 March 2014. Here is your required reading… just kidding, but we’ve selected two discussion pieces that we think

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Comic Books, Libraries and Challenges in the Digital Age

This is my second post as resident curator during February 2014 of the Digital Reading Network blog, covering the topic of “digital comics“. “A book is a non-periodical printed publication of at least 49 pages, exclusive of the cover pages,

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Digital Comics

This month I will be participating in this blog by posting some brief articles around the general topic of “digital comics”. It is my intention to use this month’s topic to post on different online platforms that will link back

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Between Page and Screen

Although the theme for this month is the juxtaposition of “page vs. screen,” the two objects do not necessary have to be natural opposites and there are fruitful projects that can bridge the gap. In electronic literature, this is apparent

Reading in Flatland?

In 1884, “A. Square” (a pseudonym of Edwin A. Abbott) published Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, a treatise on Victorian culture through the metaphor of Euclidean geometry. The narrator, A Square, encounters a sphere that has intruded in his

Cultural value gone wonky ?

In my last Blog post, I mentioned systems of value, each with an explanatory discourse, and that cultural value was but one of these. I would like to follow up on that remark, and end by straying into the realm

Cultural value – again

Cultural Value  The hoary old chestnut roasting on this December’s open critical fire is cultural value. Much loved by those wishing to instrumentalise the humanities, cultural value appears in European funding cfps (last year’s British AHRC had such a call)

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Writing on/from the Margins

Following my previous post in which I mentioned marginalia, I thought I would share some of Simon Rowberry’s recent tweets (@sprowberry), incorporating photographs of some amusing and telling examples of this phenomenon.  Having recently turned my attention to the highlighting