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Digital Reading and Wellbeing

As part of my ongoing efforts to build an impact case study for the next REF, and to put together another funding application, I’ve been doing some research on local reading groups and book clubs, and perhaps naively have been

Thoughts on researching digital reader response in children by Jim Pope and Julia Round

Digital devices with e-reading functionality, such as the Kindle and the iPad, are now commonplace, seen in buses, coffee shops and classrooms. We know, from simple observation and from research studies (Researching Readers Online, 2012) that young people read increasing

Sharing Reading in 140 Characters

(Cross-posted from Barbara Fister’s Place) Twitter is kind of hard to explain to those who don’t use it regularly. Originally described as a “micro-blogging platform,” it’s often dismissed as a trivial pursuit. How can you possibly say anything meaningful in

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My Acts of Reading – Andrew Prescott

    In an earlier post on this blog, Sue Thomas asked us to consider where and how we read. She reminded us of Alberto Manguel’s comment that ‘the act of reading in time requires a corresponding act of reading

Reading Digital Comics – first impressions from a sometime sceptic

While I’m certainly no expert on digital comics (*bows to Ernesto*), I thought I’d use my first entry on the blog this month to share a few first impressions from a (previously sceptical) reader’s perspective. I’m sounding out a few

Metaphors of Reading

How do we talk about our reading? And what might this tell us? Over the past few years, in the course of research into other areas of the history of reading, I have become fascinated by a series of metaphors

Reading Digital Fiction

My blog topic for August is ‘digital fiction and reading’. It focusses on a form of literature, much like a previous post on digital comics, which can only ever be read in a digital context. Loss of Grasp, Serge Bouchardon (2010) What is digital

The Language of Reading

Language is one thing which unites the various forms, modes and practices of reading which we have been thinking about so far on this blog. On paper or screen, literary texts and the activities which readers engage in beyond the

Platforms and the Shape of Reader Participation

Last week, I discovered yet another way to share reading experiences online: Call Me Ishmael. It’s a somewhat self-consciously retro website launched in the US in early June that invites readers to call Ishmael and leave a voice message about “a

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Reading as/and Performance

My assigned topic is “Reading As/And Performance”, and I’m approaching it through the material I am currently gathering for my AHRC project, Developing methods for analysing and evaluating literary engagement in digital contexts. This project uses data from social media

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