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Reading Sheffield event

Dear All I thought this might be of interest – a web opening event, on Saturday 10 Sept. 2015, from 15.30 to 17.00, for a 1950s, 60s reading-evidence project. It looks good. Their blurb is as follows “RSVP You

FUSION fund award to Private Gains and Retailed Literature

Bournemouth University has an internal funding scheme called FUSION, and I’ve been asked to announce a successful bid for the project Private Gains and Retailed Literature: pathways to an economics-based account of reading, beginning September 2014. At a policy level, literary

Cultural value gone wonky ?

In my last Blog post, I mentioned systems of value, each with an explanatory discourse, and that cultural value was but one of these. I would like to follow up on that remark, and end by straying into the realm

Cultural value – again

Cultural Value  The hoary old chestnut roasting on this December’s open critical fire is cultural value. Much loved by those wishing to instrumentalise the humanities, cultural value appears in European funding cfps (last year’s British AHRC had such a call)

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